Thursday, July 24, 2014

Folks Don't Self medicate cuts or scrapes, even spider bites........aside from the normal infection possibilities, Staph infections such as MRSA can jump in and quickly turn a spider bite into a mess that if not treated quickly. I had a red spot on the 19-July-2014 due to spider is link to show progression from the 21-24th. I was put on massive doses of Antibiotics and Steroids on the 22nd. Now after 3 days and lazier surgery it is getting better. Pain however is on a level of 9, horrible burning.....Don't mess around if you show any slight wound getting redder by the hour.

Folks had I waited a few more days to seek treatment I may have lost a foot. This was caused by a Brown Recluse Spider bite that occurred some time on Wednesday 7-19-2014.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Well Friends; Due to Social Media policies, the Dodd Frank Act, and CFPB regulations: I cannot post anything having to due with my business knowledge or insight.

I can tell you, I still am active in prevention of Mortgage Fraud, Deceptive trade practices, and protecting the public from unscrupulous mortgage companies and banks. I now spend my free time providing Grief Counseling to those with no family spiritual adviser. I am a Ordained Minister, and try hard to break down barriers that divide peoples of all faith. Whether you be Straight, Gay, Christian, Jew or Pagan; there is a Divinity that loves you "as you are".We are all equal in the eyes of the Creator, and should try in all we do to help others. With special attention to "The least of those" the children,women and the disenfranchised. John Lennon said it best: "Imagine".

Monday, August 26, 2013

Keep your advanced degrees private if you are trying to find work in your mid fifties

Young managers just don't like older experienced underlings especially when they find out they are up against 20 plus years experience but a Master or PHD degree. They will become intimidated and you will not get the job, or if you do the 30 somethings will do all in their power to see you don't keep. Keep your mouth shut, and just play stupid if you want/need to keep a job in Corp. America.........

Monday, December 5, 2011

Prosperity Mortgage Welcomes Nelson

Wells Fargo Home Loans is happy to announce a partnership with A. Nelson Rodgers II Phd. as part of the Prosperity/Wells Fargo Home Loans Team.

Phone: 804-402-5555

NMLSR: 363384

Nelson brings with him over a quarter century of experience in the consumer mortgage business.

After his tenure at Florida State University, and stint a with the NSA in Central America he became a Licensed Realtor and Insurance Broker in Florida and helped design and sell Muti-Million dollar waterfront homes in subdivisions like "The Sanctuary" and Boca Green".

Nelson, a native Floridian, served as CEO of All Virginia Mortgage Co Inc. for over 13 years. He has obtained many industry awards such as Top Producer from Countrywide Mortgage in 1999. He was also able to study abroad obtaining advanced degrees from Canterbury Christ Church University in New Zealand.

Nelson’s success has always been attributed to trying to do the right thing for his customers, as if every borrower were family. He believes in educating his customers on the entire mortgage process, ensuring the loan fits the borrower’s needs and budget, making sure there are no surprises at closing, and helping the process go smoothly. An educated and happy borrower is what he strives to obtain on every loan.

Nelson supports battered women and children’s charities, and has spend much time in Russia helping the needs of orphans. Als a big supporter of Dixie Youth Baseball, The Standard Schnauzer Club of America for dog rescue and American Humane Society. He has two children.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Back in the Saddle

I am so happy to anounce I was able to stay within the Long and Foster family of companies, as I am now with Prosperity Mortgage. This position offers great potential for providing excellent service and low rates. As a division of Wells Fargo Bank we offer the programs and resources of one of the worlds largest lenders, and the personal service and speed of a local lender with our on site underwriting and closing departments.

Please be patient as I finish obtaining my new license with Prosperity Mortgage, I will be up and running to serve you and your clients very soon.

NMLSR: 363384

Friday, September 9, 2011

Are Short Sales Getting easier?

Hi Friends, This will be my last post while employed by Platinum Group Services, due to tight restrictions being placed on third party negotiation firms by Investors and Servicers, My position is no longer cost effective. However Platinum Group will still be providing quality service to Real estate Professionals to help them with Short Sales, So please use them.

I will be going back to my real love, retail Mortgage Banking, I am looking forward to helping people obtain Happiness, New Home, Lower Rate, ETC, instead of helping them give back or sell short their precious home. When I land I will begin posting again Mortgage and Consumer protection Information.

The following article was written by Stacy Hinkle and Kim Kurkowski, Loss Mitigation Experts; Please read.

Are Short Sales Getting Easier?

The government is doing everything they can to improve the efficiency of the servicer’s efforts to prevent foreclosure. HAMP, HAFA, and now the “Single Point of Contact” initiative. The new initiative is designed to require the servicers to assign just one person to work with a customer on ALL foreclosure prevention efforts. That means when a customer calls into their bank, they can discuss all options with their “assigned point of contact”: modification, short sale, deed in lieu, etc. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Let’s think about this for a moment. While banks are announcing massive layoffs, they are being asked to assign one “expert” to handle all aspects of foreclosure prevention. How many experts have you spoken with at the banks when working a short sale? Will they utilize the front end customer service representative that loses your short sale package 5 times to be the expert? Will they utilize the negotiator that never returns your call? Will they utilize the closer that can’t get your HUD approved in time for closing?

The goal of this initiative is to not only have an expert communicate to the customers, but to free up the time of the individuals that are actually working on the file (negotiator, closer, doc reviewer, etc). There may be communication challenges now, but at least now you can call the negotiator, you can call the closer, you can call a manager if you have challenges with your short sale transaction. What happens if YOUR single point of contact is not an expert and lacks customer service skills? Who will you call if you only have ONE contact person?

The banks are already understaffed and this is BEFORE the layoffs that were recently announced. They are so understaffed that vendors are being utilized to complete the negotiations for the bank. This just creates an extra layer for the single point of contact to coordinate with. A number of agents we’ve spoken with are actually worried about this new initiative; they view it as another way in which government is “stepping in” to help and in doing so, complicating the system even more.

If you need assistance with your short sale transactions, call Platinum Group Services. As the process becomes more complicated, timeframes are becoming elongated. We will efficiently work with the servicers to get your short sale transaction to the closing table while you list and sell more real estate! We have closed over 550 transactions and earned over 8.5 million in gross real estate commissions for Agents. Call us at 866-844-2659 or visit our website at

Friday, August 26, 2011

Single Point of Contact...........what next?

Our friends in government are at it again. If you've ever worked with HAMP ,HAFA, or Short Sales in general you already know that sometimes the cure may be worse than the illness. Now, the U.S. Treasury is pushing a "single contact" initiative to the largest mortgage servicers that  use the , HAFA Short Sale program. On the surface, it sounds like a good idea. Once a borrower is in contact with the lender he is handled off to one person who handles his file throughout the process. Borrowers are assigned to one person, one point of contact. That point of contact makes sure the borrower has two methods of contact for him. He/she explains all of the possibilities available to the borrower, and they work together to solve the borrowers mortgage issue. I thought: “Doesn’t this sound great!”

At first glance, “This sounds wonderful”. It will make things so much easier for the borrower, Realtor and lender." And then, metal clarity settled in. Wait a minute. This is the same servicer that loses your short sale submission file 3 out of 4 times. Can’t keep track of supporting documentation, gives your client’s bad advice and never returns calls or emails. It's the same lender that pays the current contact $12 an hour to answer the phone, answer  questions from a script and transfer your call to the next person who is going to hear  story and ask the same questions again. All the while the banks are firing employees by the boat load to reduce overhead, and can’t use their contractors as a Single Point of Contract. What could go wrong with this picture?

Think about it. This “point of contact” will need to be an expert in the mortgage process from loan commitment through foreclosure, and every aspect in between.  They will need to know state laws concerning bankruptcy, foreclosure, short sales and deed in lieu of foreclosure. This person will need to handle an insurmountable number of borrower files, phone calls, emails and write reports as to what they have accomplished.

Call centers will need to be divided to accommodate this new division of more un-trained new hires. Most servicers don't consolidate bankruptcy, loan modification, short sales, foreclosure or even delinquent borrowers in the same department. That will mean more hires, more equipment, more locations and more overhead.  The banks can’t comply!

I certainly don't want to pour ice water on good intentions to help with the Short Sale Mess, but I'm not sure going back to the same people who already make the Short Sale process miserable is a good idea.

Your answer for help is just a phone call away….Platinum Group Services, LLC  has the expertise and capability to help you and your client navigate what in all likelihood will be choppy waters as banks and servicers  scramble to find a way to comply with this new Treasury Dept. regulation. With over 500 successful Short sales closed and almost 9 million dollars in commissions collected for our agents we have the expertise to take on this new challenge.

Call or email us to set up additional training programs and  Complete FREE seminars in your area designed to show you how Platinum Group Services can help you now more than ever with your short sale business.

“You need us now!......more than ever”